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Moving Containers Services Near Me

We will assist you if you are relocating but do not need a large truck. Then take a look at, a container-like alternative to metal moving containers such as PODS®, Pack-Rat®, and a U-Pack ReloCube®. is a full-service moving company that handles everything. You’ll get a skilled two to four-person team of expert movers to pack and unpack your belongings at your current home, OR we’ll pack and store your belongings if you have temporary housing in your new city or need some extra time at our moving company.

What Is the Methodology? has a tried-and-true approach for local and long-distance transfers that begins with a FREE ESTIMATE with a GUARANTEED PRICE. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from’s service:

• Get a FREE ESTIMATE with a PRICE GUARANTEE: will gather information about your move and determine if additional services are needed. Depending on your needs, our experts will have a GUARANTEED PRICE for your moving costs, as well as your planned load and unload times. Furthermore, if we are late, we will charge you $75 for each day we are late.

• Choose Allied. When you’ve decided that is the best option for your move, make an appointment with your sales agent to get your belongings packed up and delivered.

• On the day of your relocation: The day before your belongings are loaded, a representative will send you an email with an estimated arrival time for our movers.

• Moving Day: Allied will send a professional team to pack your belongings and take an inventory. Before your scheduled delivery date, your belongings will be shipped to a agent in your new city and safely stored.

•Delivery Day: You will be granted a delivery window when you book a transfer with will email you the day before your scheduled delivery to let you know that your crew will arrive the next day. What makes you want to use “Why not” you might wonder. Some of the benefits of’s service include: • Promised arrival date (or we’ll charge you $75 a day we’re late)

• Full-service choice – choose who will pack and unpack your belongings to ensure a seamless transition.
• No heavy lifting – You won’t have to look for family or friends to help you with your move because we’ll do it for you.
• Accurate guaranteed price – eliminate the guesswork on how many containers you’ll need and plan your move accordingly.

• One Point of Contact – You’ll have your own Move Agent to help you with the details of your relocation.
• Various storage options

• Transported in a secure and dependable trailer. will ship your belongings to their new place, guaranteeing on-time delivery! We’ve been professionally moving people’s belongings for over 85 years. So give us a call, and we’ll make your next move fast, easy, and stress-free. If fails to deliver the shipment on or before the agreed-upon delivery date or the last day of the agreed-upon delivery period specified on the Bill of Lading, will pay a $75 late fee for each day the shipment is late, up to 100% of the line-haul transportation fee, subject to the terms and conditions.

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